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Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System(VTS) is an distinctive way for vehicle owners to monitor or track their Bus, Cars, Trucks, or others vehicles effectively. Vehicle Tracking System is a Web based Solutions and combines Internet technology, GPS and terrestrial networks such as GSM/GPRS. Vehicle Tracking System makes use of using either GPRS or SMS communication modes.
Fleet Tracking Management System :
A full set of Fleet Management Solution to track your fleet operation real time.
Monitors the route of your fleets to optimize the operation and reducing the cost of operation.
Enhance your customer confidence and satisfactions of the delivery of the goods / Passenger.
Provides High returns on the investments.
Increase your company revenue by 15%.
Generates Unique report to understand your fleet operation and used of these reports to gain better control and efficiency on reducing the operational cost.
Why Fleet Management System ?
Imagine you are sitting in front of the computer in your office and getting real time data of all your moving fleets.
You can guide the drivers to use optimized routes to save the Time & Fuel.
You can received the orders based on the fleet route.
You can take the important decisions of immobilizing of the vehicles.
Also you can give viewing authority of the Real time tracking of the fleet to your customer, which will give the confidence of the goods delivery to the customer in precise time.
Personal Tracking System :
New German made personal tracker device is so accurate to provide precise position of application user.
You can have two way communication from the device
The device itself can generate the alarms like Panic Button, Geo Fence etc.
You can guide them using the Real time date.
You can help them in the emergency situations.
You can have control on there traveling.
You can be relaxed as no need to have extra headache.

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