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Terms And Conditions

Important Information

Please read the terms and conditions carefully. By this you will legally bind to the terms and conditions of Alpha Analytics Pvt Ltd.

Alpha Analytics Pvt Limited reserves the right of change in to the terms and conditions whenever it is required. Also there is no commitment to provide any such changes, updates, enhancements or other additions to this terms and conditions to you in a judicious manner or at all.

This terms and conditions are provided by Alpha analytics and applied for all its affiliated companies (Alpha Geomatics) and partners. Also we assume no responsibility for any technical errors related to terms and conditions

1) Note :
Please read the terms and conditions carefully before executing any License agreement or Service Agreement. Once customer execute the License agreement or Service Agreement, he will legally bind to the all the terms and conditions stated below.

2) Service :
A) Activation- Customer needs to do activation before availing any services provided by Alphageomatics.When you choose any of our services or products or any other features, you agree to provide the related information required by Alpha in accurate manner. It’s your responsibility to provide and update this information to keep it accurate and complete. After activation all the information will be available to you in email and print format. It is your responsibility to keep it safe and secure. Alpha will not be liable to any lost, theft, and corrupt of such information.
Alpha reserves the rights for the verification of all your information’s before activating the services. If information provided by you found to be incomplete or false then alpha reserves rights to terminate your activation.
B) Deactivation – You need to provide the deactivation of your services prior to one month advance. You agree to pay any dues or liable for refunds as per payment policies decided by alpha Geomatics.
C) Termination/Suspension – You need to use these services with in proper way and not allowed to misuse of avail services. If found using the services in unauthorized way, alpha reserves the rights of termination of your services without any prior information.. Also Alpha reseves the rights for the termination or suspension of the service in case of late payment , no payment or incomplete payment.

3) Internet :
For using our services you will require internet facility and the total dependency is on customer not on Alpha. The customer will ensure about the internet, bearing of its charges, required hardware to support internet. Alpha will not have any liabilities of no connection, slow connection or any other reasons due to which you are not able to avail our services.

4) Email and security :
You will agree to provide valid email address through which you will have the electronic communication with us. Any changes subjected to change in the address should be informed on priority basis. This will help us to provide the any notification of the changes. We are not liable to failure of such notifications to you by third party email account providers.
In case of security we provide you the valid username and password, which you will have to change periodically. Alpha will not be liable of any password hack, lost, theft or unauthorized used of this information.Customer can create subgroup on there dependency. All the information provided by you will be liable only for you and your subgroup users. Alpha does not have any liabilities of any other such information provided by you for the sub user. You agrees to not to provide all your secure information to these subgroups. You are responsible for sharing of secure information with your sub users. All the passwords, usernames of such sub users has to be creating and maintain by you and provide the information of loss, theft or unauthorized use of your account to us to help you.
All the notification such as password changed, reset will be send to you through Email and alpha does not have any liabilities of such information lost, theft, or hack.
The creation of the sub users has been restricted as per the payment policy. Please read payment policy carefully before creating such sub users. You will ensure the sub user’s use of our services as per the terms and condition. Alpha reserves the rights to terminate such sub users in case of misuse or unauthorized used of the services.

5) License software :
You will agree to use of valid software for availing our services. You agree to use the supported browsers , it’s settings or any other third party software suggested by us. Alpha is not responsible of errors, upgrades required, licensing, and maintenance of such third party applications.

6) Technical data Processing and storage :
You agree to the technical data processing in terms of data transfer and required time and charges for that required by the electronic communication devices .You agree to bare the charges required for the data transfer or maintenance of the hardware. Alpha is not responsible of any data in terms of lost, corrupt, stolen, altered, changed, delete while data processing over communication media like internet, browser, mobile or any other deices.
You agree to the storage of the tracking data as per decided by Alpha. You agree to the limitations of the data storage and will pay for the over use of the allocated storage limit. Alpha reserves the rights for the data storage facility.

7) Support :
Alpha is able to provide you support with in certain geographic areas covered by our service partners or dealers network. You agree to the service support policies set by Alpha. Its customers responsibility to enable Out-of-country roaming capability and if not then Alpha is not responsible for the loss of data. Alpha will not be responsible for the support failure in case of no internet connection, telecom communication error or any other errors. Alpha will have a support as per the warranty policies and customers agree to it. Customer agrees to the paid support as per the warranty policies.
Alpha will provide the total help and support until the customers signs the training sign-off document. Once this signed by the customer, he can avail the online, telecommunication help except the presence help by us. If you required personal presence help after signing off the training document then you agree to pay extra as per the payment policy.

8) Site proprietorship rights :
Alpha reserves all proprietary rights for all the content such as logos, trademarks, labels, service names displayed on the website. Customer will not use any proprietary information for there personal use. Also alpha may provide the link to other websites or third parties software’s. We do not recommend these sites nor have a control over these sites. This will be totally customers responsibility to visit these sites and alpha is not liable for any loss of data, virus attack etc due to use of these sites.

9) Confidential data rights :
Alpha reserves rights for the confidential data between the customer and Alpha. Both the parties agree to keep all the data, information’s, conceptual ideas, current services, products, and other necessary information confidential. Alpha may terminate the customer service if found the non violation of such confidential data and file an appropriate case against the customer as per the laws.

10) Notices :
Please send any noticed if you have in any case to the address Alpha Analytics , supriya towers , aundh. or to the email address We will consider such notices only if received on above address.Also the notification form alpha side will send to you as per your update information of the valid address last given by you.

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