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Open End Coding

We provide coding of verbatim responses to Open-Ended questions in a survey. Our coding team provides unmatched value through their experience over the coding processes:

Creation of Code frames:

At Alpha, we have developed very reliable systems and processes to ensure quality coding. The 10-13 hour time gap between India and our North American clients ensures almost 24X7 operation. Codebook approvals based on actual coding can be concluded seamlessly, ensuring quality and reliability within time and budgets.

Assigning respondents to particular categories:

This important activity is often considered the weak link in the coding process. Our coding team uses proprietary systems and processes to keep track of every combination/assignment made. In case editing or reassignment is required, the same can be done correctly and effortlessly. Maintaining consistency and validity of the data is our biggest consideration.

We can code the open ends in your survey using AscribeTM or any other software package, if required.

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