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Personal Tracking System :
Every parent knows that it is almost impossible to keep watch on your children 24 hours a day. But now we believe its ease the minds of busy mothers and fathers everywhere to track their kids.

Mobile, prompt, simple, compact and the user has no need for internet
Why Personal Tracking System ?
Imagine you are sitting at your home and worrying about your old parents who are out for the evening walk.
Imagine your pets or children are out for playing in garden and you are not having sufficient time to watch them every time.
Something happens to them as accident, or not feeling well etc. which you will not know for a long time as they are not able to contact you in emergency.
Everyday is the same situation as you are not with them everyday to take care of them.
Now Imagine they have Personal tracker with them. You are relaxed at your home doing your work.
Get emergency alerts like Panic button, Geo Fence out, Ideal time, Going away from geo fence etc. Which will help you to stop worrying about them.
Benefits of Personal Tracking System :
Stop worrying.
Track real time
Plan decisions based on real time data
Rent service option like 3 days tour tracking
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